“After four years on the job, Pompilio said there has been a significant drop in repeat 911 calls with approximately 15 percent fewer people going to jail. Now retired, former Alexandria Police Department chief Mike Ward said the results were immediate both for people in need and taxpayers.” Kentucky town hires social workers instead of more officers – and the results are surprising.

+ These SF teens built a school supplies pipeline for low-income families. (My son started a Call of Duty game in his room in April and I haven’t seen him since…)

+ Georgia inmates hailed as heroes for saving injured deputy.

+ A New Orleans Musician Offers Kids Trumpets In Exchange For Their Guns. (A week later, the neighbors are like, “Get the gun back…”)

+ St. Bernard dog named Daisy rescued from England’s highest peak. (She doesn’t look particularly concerned.)

+ Twitch is helping to create an esports league for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. (This feels like one of the more 2020 headlines of 2020.)

+ Dunkin’ Donut Caffeinated Coffee Cereal? Yes.

+ Where did everyone’s shoes go? What does the fox say?