“The colossal impact of the coronavirus is motivating the speed, opening a spigot of funding and inspiring research teams around the world to join the hunt. But the astonishing pace of the progress is also a consequence of the virus itself: It is, scientifically speaking, an easier target for potential vaccines than other pathogens, and a prime candidate for cutting-edge vaccine platforms new to scientists’ toolkits.” I’m not quite ready to talk trash in the battle against Covid, but here’s a look at how the world made so much progress on a Covid-19 vaccine so fast.

+ Bloomberg: J&J Vaccine Protects Monkeys From Covid With Single Shot.

+ We’re still months away from a potential vaccine and our numbers are terrible. Andy Slavitt: We Can Eliminate Covid-19 if We Want To. “We are always four to six weeks from being able to do what countries around the world have done.”

+ My friends working on the problem have been saying face shields could be the new masks. Fauci confirmed that if you can cover your eyes as well as your mouth and now, you should. (I’ve been covering my eyes for three and half years…)