The attempt to use a foreign country to dig up dirt on Biden didn’t work. The lies about Covid-19 didn’t work. The imaginary statements about an economy that was coming back quickly didn’t work. The relentless racism in reaction to the BLM movement didn’t work. The tear-gassing of peaceful protesters didn’t work. The camouflaged federal agent invasion into American cities didn’t work. The polls are still heading in the wrong direction for the president, so he has returned to one of his old standards: Attacking the validity of the election. First, there are the constant attacks on voting by mail as being somehow rigged. And now, Trump (as we all predicted he would) has floated the idea of delaying the election. Every day of the Trump era feels like a week. According to that math, we’ve already delayed the election more than 20 years.

+ Steve Coll in The New Yorker: Is the Postal Service Being Manipulated to Help Trump Get Reelected?

+ No, Trump can’t delay the election. (First, because the law won’t allow it. Second, because restraint and delayed gratification has never been his strong suit.)

+ David Graham in The Atlantic: Trump Can’t Postpone the Election—But He’s Trying to Destroy Its Legitimacy.