The glorious years BT (Before Trump), and BC (Before Covid-19), and BISBMHATWTMTENS (Before I Started Banging My Head Against The Wall To Make The Effen News Stop), I most certainly would have lead NextDraft with today’s Emmy nominations. My doing so now is not so much a return to normalcy as it is a hat tip to the increased importance TV has played in providing us a respite from the virus and the news. It’s also a hat tip to my friend Damon Lindelof who slid into the Emmys like Lube Man as Watchmen led the field with 26 nominations. AP: Dystopian series ‘Watchmen’ leads all Emmy nominees with 26. (I don’t know what could be less dystopian than a Lindelof-led, quality series, that tells the truth about race and features Regina King kicking ass. Dystopia is what I experience when I turn that show off.)

+ Here’s a look at all the nominees. Shout outs to Zendaya in the envelope-pushing Euphoria, and Jeremy Strong (L to the OG) and the rest of the stellar cast in amazing Succession (which I just watched a third time.)

+ Here are some snubs and surprises. (I have no clue how Trump got skipped over for best performance in a comedy series for his run as the star of Coronavirus Task Force. The UV light episode alone should be worth a few trophies.)