We hadn’t done what was necessary to get the virus under control, but we thought we could somehow let baseball slide under the radar. I never thought the season would get underway, but once it did, I didn’t balk. I was as happy as anyone to sit in my hermetically sealed man cave and crack open UV-light treated peanuts with rubber gloves. But Covid-19 already has us caught in a pickle. Forget one, two, three strikes… The Miami Marlins just got thirteen strikes at once; and they’re out. “The 2020 MLB season, all four days and 46 games of it, was fun while it lasted. Now the grim reality of the real world is back—not that it ever left, or stopped interfering with the league’s plans—and bringing a coronavirus outbreak with it.” MLB Already Has a Coronavirus Outbreak. What Happens Now? (Like it’s done repeatedly in the past, Covid-19 just hit the cover off our story.)