There are teargas canisters in the streets, deadly germs in the air, and we’re all socked in by the fog of an exhausting dread that feels like it will never burn off. So this seems like the perfect time for a NextDraft first: I’m leading with a wedding announcement: The NYT on a couple that met on a train platform, but didn’t exchange names or numbers. Next Stop: Marriage. “When they matched on Hinge last October, he nearly dropped his phone. ‘I was so happy,’ he said. Ms. Ziff had only recently posted her profile at the urging of friends who convinced her she shouldn’t give up on dating. Mr. Young introduced himself through the app: ‘This may be a little creepy,’ he wrote, ‘but I’m almost positive we’ve already met.'” (At least it was a little creepy, so it’s not entirely off-brand for me…)

+ After two years of walking, they took a boat to Antarctica. The Great Big Story: Why One Man Is Walking Around the World With His Dog.