Running Out of Patients

“In May, a survey of primary-care doctors found that nearly a fifth had temporarily closed their practices, owing to the pandemic, and two in five had laid off or furloughed staff. Primary-care clinics are tasked with keeping people healthy, and decades of research have shown that the care they provide is associated with better outcomes and lower costs.” A key irony of a generational health crisis is that many in the health care business are going broke. The New Yorker: America’s Looming Primary-Care Crisis.

+ Not everyone in the broader health care biz is going bust. NYT: Corporate Insiders Pocket $1 Billion in Rush for Coronavirus Vaccine. “In some cases, company insiders are profiting from regularly scheduled compensation or automatic stock trades. But in other situations, senior officials appear to be pouncing on opportunities to cash out while their stock prices are sky high.”

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