“Long-time friends Joe Feeney and Tom Cook made a pact in 1992 – sealed with a handshake – that if one of them won the US Powerball lottery they would share it. Nearly 30 years later the numbers came up for Tom – and he honored the deal.” (This is a reminder of when people were decent. And when they could shake hands…)

+ This mom donated her lottery winnings to a wounded police officer. Now the community is paying her back.

+ Racism in Trader Joe’s products? How a Bay Area teen fired up the nation.

+ Greta Thunberg will donate $114,000 to fight the coronavirus in the Brazilian Amazon.

+ The New Yorker: The Force Is Still Strong with John Williams.

+ Chad and JT try to solve the mask problem in Huntington Beach.

+ The newly named NHL Team, Seattle Kraken (see, DC, was that so hard?), is donating proceeds for all gear sales to local nonprofits.