The Giants’ Gabe Kapler became the first manager or coach in a major American sport to take a knee during the anthem. (Kapler has a tattoo that says, “Never Again” with a flame and the dates of the Holocaust on his right calf. He’s given some thought to these issues.) Trump Tweeted his opposition to the kneeling and said, “The game is over for me!” Those could be the first true words he’s ever Tweeted.

+ In addition to sending out the message of unity, the Giants also sent out “Alyssa Nakken, who became the first woman to coach on-field in a major league game, when she took over duties for the Giants at first base.” (I really doubted that we’d get baseball back in any form. Even with the fake crowd noise and cardboard cutouts in the seats and me sitting at home in rubber gloves wiping down my peanuts and Cracker Jack, it’s a welcome distraction.)