Feeling like you can’t deal with the constant flow of bad news every time you go online? Don’t say, Uncle. Say, Ant. Frustrated and need to let off a little steam? Don’t rant, Ant. Having one of those days when you just can’t? Drop the C and Ant instead. That seems to be the mantra of a whopping two million people who have voluntarily colonized themselves into a Facebook group where everyone pretends to be an ant. (Sounds like this is the queen of clubs.) The founder of the group, who is as shocked as the rest of us about its popularity, explains the attraction: “I think people are really into escapism right now. We try to watch Netflix to take our minds off of what’s happening in the media and in the world. … In the group, you don’t have to be yourself. You don’t have to worry about the problems in your daily life. You sit down, be ant for 20 minutes. It gives you a little bit of serotonin, and you’re back on your game.” (OK, you don’t have to drone on about it!) WaPo: Feeling antsy? Join the club. This is a case where the bug is a feature, not a bug. As an added benefit, you don’t have to worry about getting ants in your pants because, in the Zoom age, no one wears those anymore. But think carefully before you become part of the group. I hear that once you join the ants, you can never flea. (Sorry, some people deal with all the bad news by joining ant groups, I deal with it by doing whatever this is. I certainly don’t mean to be a pest.)