“Late one night in March, appearing on a little-discussed ESPN radio show, Kirk Herbstreit dropped a bombshell. ‘I’ll be shocked if we have NFL football this fall, if we have college football’ … College administrators were petrified of other prominent figures joining Herbstreit in deeming this year’s season a lost cause, fearful it could speak their worst-case scenario into existence. If no one thinks football will happen, they worried, why would anyone buy season tickets? Or donate money? With revenue streams already disrupted by COVID-19 and athletic departments facing potential financial ruin without football, there was no incentive to publicly project gloom and doom. Even if they knew better.” Inside college football’s coronavirus information war. (The entire American virus response has been an information war. And when people are overwhelmed with information, they throw their hands up and don’t know what to believe. Hence, our current disaster…)