“The deceased suspect was an attorney who had a case before Judge Salas in 2015, sources said. A FedEx package addressed to Judge Salas was discovered in the car, sources said.” Judge Esther Salas’ son shot and killed, husband injured in attack at their NJ home. (There were a lot of theories related to many of Salas’ cases, including an upcoming one that involves Deutsche Bank and Jeffrey Epstein. It’s understandable that the public would race to conclusions. It’s critical that the media doesn’t.)

+ “The gunman suspected of killing the son and wounding the husband of a federal judge in New Jersey before taking his own life in New York’s Catskills has been identified as lawyer and men’s rights activist Roy Den Hollander, federal sources said. Hollander — whose website details ‘anti-feminist cases’ and calls for clients to ‘help battle the infringement of Men’s Rights by the Feminist’ — was found dead in Rockland County, NY.”