Cleanup on Aisle WTF

The largest retailers in the country are finally making mask wearing a requirement for entry. The list includes Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens. (It took this long for pharmacies to require masks in places people go when they get sick.) While a movement is afoot, there are outliers, including one of the largest grocery chains in the South. WaPo: Deep South supermarket Winn-Dixie takes a stand: No masks required. Phil Lempert, editor of Supermarket Guru, calls the decision “one of the stupidest moves I’ve ever seen a grocery store do. They are going to be out there by themselves as all other major retailers require masks … If you look back a couple weeks ago, when Aunt Jemima and Eskimo pies came under fire [for their cultural insensitivity], people were calling for Winn-Dixie to change its name. This is tied to that. Their core audience is Trump supporters.” Winn-Dixie’s parent company explained that “stores would not be requiring masks from customers because it did not want to cause undue friction between customers and employees.”

+ It turns out, conflicts between customers and employees are not just isolated incidents that make viral video fodder. The Daily Beast: Walmart Workers Are Terrified of Enforcing Mask Rules. “Even in a time of record unemployment, some of Dan’s colleagues at an Indiana Walmart have walked off the job. They aren’t quitting over fears of catching COVID-19, he explained. They’re quitting because of customers who become abusive when asked to wear face masks. ‘A lot of our people have been verbally harassed to the point of breaking down and just quitting.'”

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