“It is, in effect, Day One of a grand, involuntary, national experiment in remote education that will expose systemic inequalities in education like nothing else before it. Family dynamics, poverty and social isolation will test even the most steadfast students. For Jonathan, Lilian, Am’Brianna, Ryan and their peers, the pressure will steadily build over 69 days, as they prepare for an exam that might persuade an elite college to give a kid from a nonelite high school a second look. But for now, it’s just the start of what’s billed as an extended, three-week spring break.” WaPo follows a teacher and a group of students as they face the pandemic and the test of their lives.

+ And meanwhile, in opposite world… “The girl, Grace, hadn’t broken the law again. The 15-year-old wasn’t in trouble for fighting with her mother or stealing, the issues that had gotten her placed on probation in the first place. She was incarcerated in May for violating her probation by not completing her online coursework.” ProPublica: A Teenager Didn’t Do Her Online Schoolwork. So a Judge Sent Her to Juvenile Detention.