“While the bare shelves brought on by the coronavirus pandemic have largely been restocked across New York City and the country, times are still far from normal at supermarkets, which face less pronounced but potentially more enduring shifts. Americans have become accustomed to enjoying an extraordinary variety of choices — sometimes a dozen or more brands of everything from ketchup to potato chips to, yes, toilet paper. The pandemic changed all that.” NYT: Flour and Toilet Paper Are Back at N.Y. Supermarkets, but without the extraordinary variety of choices. (Maybe this is good timing since we got bored of baking and stopped giving a shit.)

+ The 2020 Audubon Photography Awards.

+ A floating movie theater where people sit in socially distant boats on the water is coming to Paris. (I was thinking a private yacht with a movie theater, but sure, let’s try the floaties…)

+ White House campaign to help jobless: “Find something new.”