Feel Good Friday

“Tsai started receiving a ceaseless torrent of calls and queries from national labs, companies and health-care workers in need of help. ‘Everyone was asking me about the respirators,’ said Tsai, 68, who is originally from Taiwan and now lives in Knoxville, Tenn.” The retired inventor of N95 masks is back at work, mostly for free, to fight covid-19. Immigrants make America better, folks.

+ Malala Yousafzai and Anousheh Ansari are two of the headline speakers at a cool, and free, global event being put on by OwnBackup and Salesforce. Check it out. Resilience.Work.

+ I’ve known only two perfect people in my life. One is that son of a bitch Martin Short; the other is Carl Reiner. Steve Martin in the NYT: Carl Reiner, Perfect.

+ NYT: Patrick Cashin spent two decades as the official M.T.A. photographer. From the bridges to the tunnels, he showed us some of his most stunning images.

+ Wimbledon to allocate prize money despite cancellation.

+ US Army soldier makes history by becoming the first woman to become a Green Beret.

+ Canada posts record job gains in June as services reopen.

+ Gary Larson of the Far Side is making new comics again.

+ And just for fun, I made myself president for 2 minutes and gave a quick speech.

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