Bethel, Ahem

“‘People were screaming at us to go back where we came from,’ Anwen Darcy, who attended the demonstration with her mom and sister, recalled. ‘But I was looking around, and I saw Mrs. Dennis, who’d been a teacher for 30 years. I saw my mom, who’d been on the PTA for years and served as the drama director. I saw the woman who ran all the prom fundraisers and a city councilman. The people yelling at us weren’t from here, because if they were, they would’ve known we were home.” Anne Helen Peterson captures so much of the BLM struggle in this Buzzfeed story: What Happened In Bethel, Ohio? “On one side of the street, they saw around 50 Bethel residents — teachers, city council members, hairdressers, retirees — who’d shown up for the BLM demonstration. On the other, there were hundreds of people, including representatives from four different biker gangs, who, at the invitation of a local construction worker, had come to ‘protect’ the town from looters and rioters and rumored antifa.”

+ Armed militias flock to Gettysburg to foil ‘flag-burning protest’ that was all a hoax.

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