“Deploying pepper spray and water cannons to force protesters off the streets, the police arrested about 370 people, including ten over new offenses created by the security law that takes aim at political activity challenging Beijing. One of the nine was a 15-year-old girl waving a Hong Kong independence flag, the police said.” NYT: In Hong Kong, Arrests and Fear Mark First Day of New Security Law.

+ “British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday that the law was a ‘clear and serious‘ breach of the U.K.-China joint declaration that governed Hong Kong’s handover. Adding that he would honor a promise made earlier this month to provide passports and a path to citizenship to as many as 3 million Hong Kong residents.” (US response? Check twitter…)

+ “They will become another city of China and they can secretly detain people … they can be disappeared, and there is no argument in any judicial cases. So, of course, the rich people or the people who can afford it, they will [emigrate] to other locations. But the young people, the poor people, they will all stay there.” Ai Weiwei: Hong Kong security law ‘the last nail of the coffin.’

+ “A joint effort could make a difference, but coordinated action seems unlikely given strained ties between the Trump administration and many of Washington’s traditional European allies.” AP: Divided West can do little as China tightens up on Hong Kong.