Vice: Invading Cicadas May Turn Into Sex-Crazed Zombies This Summer. “But this year’s cicadas have an even bigger thing to worry about above surface: a hallucinogenic fungus that turns them into sex-crazed zombies. This fungus, called /Massospora cicadina,/ invades the cicada and causes its abdomen to slide off. The cicadas enter a zombie-like state, driven to mate with anything they can find. But their efforts are fruitless, because the fungus has eaten away their butts and genitals.” (Meanwhile, the Mike Pence of Cicadas is like, “We’re doing a great, great job controlling the impact of this fungus…”)

+ Kellogg’s Mashups Cereal Combines Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops. (That’s disgusting. And it’s what’s for breakfast in my house tomorrow.)

+ Doomscrolling is slowly eroding your mental health. (Nah, it’s eroding my mental health. And I didn’t have that much at risk in the first place.)