YouTube views of sourdough videos jumped 400% in coronavirus lockdown. I admit, I’m part of the problem. But I still haven’t actually made any bread. I’m just into watching carb p*rn. Meanwhile, in a related stat, views of “workout from home” videos have more than tripled.

+ After viral video, GoFundMe for Chicago ice cream man surpasses $35K for his retirement.

+ Canada almost self-sufficient in PPE as Canadian businesses step up.

+ She was furloughed. So she became ‘Lasagna Lady,’ and made 1,200 pans of free lasagna for those in need.

+ Tom Morello Gives 10-Year-Old Shredder One of His Guitars: ‘You Rock So Great.’

+ Subsurface ocean on Jupiter’s moon Europa deemed potentially habitable. (Fire up the rocket. We can read the article on the way…)