The World Will Pay for the Wall Now

“Donald Trump built his political identity around exclusion. In his depiction, foreigners are always scheming to steal Americans’ jobs and bring sickness and physical harm into the country. A wall on the southern border would be a visible symbol of Trump’s outlook. American exceptionalism would be nurtured through the nation’s ability to keep others out. Trump’s unwillingness to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously is resulting in a much different kind of wall—one protecting the rest of the world from an endangered America and its citizens.” The Atlantic: Trump Turns the U.S. Into a Pariah. “Other countries are judging America by its sickest states and most reckless politicians.”

+ And the world is seeing craziness like this scene from Florida: “Before holding a vote to mandate the wearing of masks in public places to stop the spread of coronavirus, Palm Beach County commissioners were harangued by residents who accused them of obeying the devil, imposing a communist dictatorship and dishonouring the American flag.” They want to throw God’s wonderful breathing system out.

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