“In order to slow the spread of illness, local YMCAs grouped ‘pods’ of no more than nine children with each adult. Heidi Brasher of the YMCA of the USA says this often meant using spaces such as basketball courts or even boardrooms, taking advantage of buildings that were otherwise closed.” Was it the pods? Was it the hand washing? Was it the age of the participants? Whatever it was, there’s much to be learned from the groups like the YMCA, where childcare has been in place for months, where they came up with their own safety models instead of waiting for the CDC, and where transmission has been remarkably low. NPR: What Parents Can Learn From Child Care Centers That Stayed Open During Lockdowns. (At a national level, we’ve had too little YMCA, and too much Macho Man.)

+ Joseph G. Allen, a Harvard assistant professor of exposure assessment science in WaPo: “When people ask me whether schools are safe during the coronavirus pandemic, I ask the same question: Would I let my kids go back to school in the fall? The answer is yes.”

+ These and all reopening debates are complicated by America’s remarkable failure to address the reality of this challenge. US virus cases surge to highest level in 2 months.