Bottom of the News

“Green remains adamant that Stein should have been prosecuted for falsifying drowning reports, but no criminal charges were ever filed. ‘He is still the head of the program?’ Green asked, when contacted recently. ‘He’s the J. Edgar Hoover of lifeguards.'” David Gauvey Herbert in NY Mag with the crazy story the Boss of the Beach. “For 40 years, the city’s lifeguard corps has been mired in controversy, and for 40 years it’s been run by one man: Peter Stein.”

+ “Fans might not think too much about how they look or the quality of their oil, but Dan Ward does. A farmer in Clarkton, N.C., he grows jumbo Virginias in the southeast corner of the state. They’re not the easiest peanut to grow. The delicate shells crack more easily than the runners destined for peanut butter, so pulling them from the ground takes more time and patience. Growing them takes a special touch, too.” Even if we get a partial baseball season (and though things are scheduled to start next month, I’m dubious), Ballpark Peanuts, a Classic Summer Pleasure, Have Been Benched (leaving the game just a shell of what it once was…)

+ The Atlantic: My Little Pony Fans Are Ready to Admit They Have a Nazi Problem. (This is one of those rare times when Nazism is your second most troubling characteristic…)

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