In California, Governor Gavin Newsom is now requiring everyone to wear a mask in public settings, even outdoors when distancing is not possible. Two words: Thank you. On the same day, the governor of Nebraska told local governments they won’t get federal COVID-19 money if they require masks. Two words: What the hell is wrong with people?

+ The mask controversy is the most perplexing part of America’s Covid denial. That denial, as you know, starts at the top. Leaked CDC document contradicts Pence claim that U.S. coronavirus cases have stabilized.

+ “It really does feel like the U.S. has given up. I can’t imagine what it must be like having to go to work knowing it’s unsafe. It’s hard to see how this ends. There are just going to be more and more people infected, and more and more deaths. It’s heartbreaking.” WaPo: In countries keeping the coronavirus at bay, experts watch U.S. case numbers with alarm. (It’s alarming, of course. But it’s also just relentlessly sad. Look at this chart.)