“When the march unfolded earlier this month, bringing more than 400 people to a park opposite the public library, an armed militia stood guard — at ground level but also atop nearby roofs, as if ready to act as snipers. ‘Honestly, it was terrifying,’ Espinoza said. ‘They claimed they were there to protect the city from outsiders, but it felt more like preparation to kill.'”WaPo: As protests spread to small-town America, militia groups respond with armed intimidation and online threats.

+ “They have no leaders, no local chapters, no manifesto or even unified ideology. That’s why their values are vague and flexible enough for them to glom onto and attempt to hijack any moment of tension that comes along—from Second Amendment anxiety to quarantine concerns to Black Lives Matter. Still, that doesn’t mean the Boogaloo movement isn’t cause for concern, especially now that their level of violence is escalating. In fact, being an amorphous blob might increase the Boogaloo movement’s chance of survival as they hit the public consciousness.” Wired: The Meme-Fueled Rise of a Dangerous, Far-Right Militia. (Oddly, they wear Hawaiian shirts. I’m not sure they really get the Aloha spirit.)