“If Biden were to notch a narrow victory, Trump could look to contest the results and claim he’d actually won. He could put the military and other tools of presidential power in an awkward spot, pressuring them to pick sides and untangle competing claims about who won. A supine Justice Department led by Attorney General William Barr might bolster Trump’s claims by putting out statements that the vote was tainted.” Trump has already broken almost every norm. Will he break the biggest one of all? The Atlantic: Some of the president’s opponents fear that he’ll refuse to leave the White House if he loses the election. (Biden can just run the country from the Trump International…)

+ If Trump really wants to participate in some lawless squatting, he could always move to Seattle’s So-Called Autonomous Zone. “One major misconception about CHAZ is that protesters ‘seized’ the space from the police. It’s really more like the police left the area, and the protesters who were already invested in a round-the-clock occupation of the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct continued staying there.” (See, the whole thing is made up. He’ll love it there!)