“I know it is hard to remember all the crazy things that happen in the course of a week in Trump’s America, but I will try hard to remember this one: a week when I saw troops in the streets and worried about a years-long economic crisis; a week when an untamed pandemic killed up to a thousand Americans a day; a week when massive nationwide protests suggested that our dysfunctional, gridlocked political system might finally actually do something about the plague of police brutality and systemic racism. And then there was the President, who chose to spend the week refighting the Civil War—on the losing side.” Susan B. Glasser in The New Yorker: Trump Hates Losers, So Why Is He Refighting the Civil War—on the Losing Side? (Because, as he’s shown from the Central Park Five, to Birtherism, to the BLM protests, the one thing he clings to more than winning is his own deep-seated racism.)

+ Meanwhile, “Those wishing to attend President Trump’s rally next week in Oklahoma must agree not to sue the Trump campaign or host venue in the event they contract the coronavirus.” (Don’t sign the waiver. Don’t go near the virus. And stop drinking the Kool-Aid.)