This is a pretty amazing video timeline of the crackdown on protesters in Lafayette Park before Trump’s photo op; one of the darker days in recent political memory. And here are some reflections from members of the National Guard who were called into to quell the protest. “The crowd was loud but peaceful, and at no point did I feel in danger, and I was standing right there in the front of the line. A lot of us are still struggling to process this, but in a lot of ways, I believe I saw civil rights being violated in order for a photo op. I’m here to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and what I just saw goes against my oath and to see everyone try to cover up what really happened. What I saw was just absolutely wrong.”

+ Quelling the protests is not quelling the support. “In the last two weeks, American voters’ support for the Black Lives Matter movement increased almost as much as it had in the preceding two years.”

+ Example: NASCAR legends voice support for George Floyd protests.

+ Meanwhile, Cops cancelled. Not the police force, the show.