Dom Perignon

“Before the pandemic, she made most of her earnings through ‘cash meets’. ‘I’d usually take money out of a sub’s wallet, maybe say something humiliating, and walk away,’ she says of a typical day’s work … now the risk of Covid-19 has made this impossible … so, at the start of lockdown, Kiara started using the video game Animal Crossing to keep a close relationship with her clients from a safe distance, using the in-game mechanics to subdue and order them around. On Animal Crossing, subs may pay a fee to go to Kiara’s or another domme’s virtual island, and carry out various chores for them, such as weeding their gardens, tidying their homes, or planting flowers.” WiredUK: Lockdown sex workers are flocking to Animal Crossing and Second Life. (I might try this. I haven’t had sex in several Fortnites…)

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