“Even when the economy was booming, Dave and Sergine had lived in a state of near homelessness, shuttling between seedy motels that had become a shelter of last resort for thousands in the Orlando area. Last year, after six years of the motel life, they had saved enough to finally make it out. They bought an RV and rented a spot in a quiet and clean mobile home community. Sergine promised the kids they would never go back. Now all that was gone.” Greg Jaffe in WaPo: The pandemic hit and this car became home for a family of four.

+ “I’d start thinking about how it had been just a few months before. We’d go rock climbing together or shoot off fireworks by Lake Ontario. We’d road trip to Canada because she wanted to try this certain kind of vegan food. She had this unstoppable energy. Her mother died in childbirth with her, so she had to fight and scrap from the very beginning. It was foster homes, abuse — she dealt with a lot. She knew how to soldier up and push through. There was no way she wasn’t going to beat it.” The latest in Eli Saslow’s Voices of the Pandemic series. The fires were everywhere.

+ NPR: She’s a Frontline Doctor. Her Husband Has Lung Cancer. Now, A Simple Hug Is Dangerous.

+ Renowned epidemiologist Larry Brilliant with a reminder that the virus is just beginning. And a reminder of the best way out (hint: masks).