“Most everyone seemed to be carrying something: flags, baseball bats, hammers and axes. But mostly, they carried guns. They said they came with shotguns, rifles and pistols to protect their downtown businesses from outsiders. They had heard that antifa, paid by billionaire philanthropist George Soros, were being bused in from neighboring cities, hellbent on razing their idyllic town.” In Klamath Falls, Oregon, victory declared over antifa, which never showed up. This is an important story about how far the lies have spread and how deeply the rot is embedded when it comes to the nonsensical conspiracy theories driving false realities for an increasingly large—and disturbingly well armed—group of Americans. Decked out in camouflage, they migrate from the internet to the streets, locked and loaded to fight an invisible, imaginary enemy when the real enemy is the combination of lies and paranoid fantasies that have been drilled into their heads in social media groups and amplified from the Oval Office, where dog whistles have morphed into full symphonies. The enemy isn’t antifa, it’s antifacts.

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