“Private trainers across the country host seminars, frequently at taxpayer expense, teaching ‘killology’ and pushing the notion that if officers aren’t willing to “snuff out a life” then they should “consider another line of work.” Frey explained that this type of training — which has accompanied the increasing militarization of the police over the last few decades — undermined the community-based policing he wanted the city to adopt after a string of high-profile killings in the region. But then the police union stepped in.” Melissa Segura in Buzzfeed: There’s One Big Reason Why Police Brutality Is So Common In The US. And That’s The Police Unions.

+ And a Reveal 2019 report that seems more pressing now: Inside hate groups on Facebook, police officers trade racist memes, conspiracy theories and Islamophobia.

+ Is this all police? Hell no. But it’s a segment, and it’s the segment that cheers the attitude of President Trump. Adam Serwer in The Atlantic: “The president, a man who once called for the execution of five black and Hispanic teenagers for a crime they did not commit, is not just skeptical of reform. He views the violent enforcement of the color line as an honorable calling, and one that police officers should embrace rather than reject. Decades after taking out a newspaper ad demanding that New York “Bring back the death penalty and bring back our police!” the president still refuses to acknowledge the innocence of the Central Park Five. If they were not guilty of the actual crime, they were guilty of being the kind of people he wanted the police to crack down on.” (Editor’s note: Bingo.)

+ Meanwhile, in the George Floyd case, the “officer who pressed his knee into George Floyd’s neck was charged with second-degree murder and the three other officers on scene during his killing are charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder.”