“Join me in resisting the urge to frame this as a story about loss, because once you get to know Leo and ride with him and see all that cycling has given Leo and all that he’s given back, you’ll start to discover some of the beautiful things you can only find after losing something. Maybe, like me, you need a reminder of all the places the bike can take us.” He Lost His Leg, Then Rediscovered the Bicycle. Now He’s Unstoppable.

+ Boy, 9, with cerebral palsy completes marathon on his walker, half a mile at a time.

+ Spain reports no new coronavirus deaths for the first time since March

+ Georgia student, son of 2 first responders, creates lifesaving COVID-19 equipment.

+ A Minneapolis middle school requested 85 meal kits for families in need after stores were looted and destroyed. It was overwhelmed by the community’s response.

+ Here’s a tour of some of the best designed bathrooms in video games.