“Images of tense encounters between protesters and police officers piled up over the weekend, as authorities intensified their efforts to quell nationwide uprisings, using rubber bullets, pepper pellets and tear gas in violent standoffs that seared cities nationwide. But some officers took different actions, creating contrasting images that told another story about the turbulent national moment following the death.” WaPo: Some officers march and kneel with protesters, creating dissonant images. (Dissonant images for a dissonant time.)

+ In Camden, police marched alongside the demonstrators.

+ Buzzfeed: Sunday night’s protests against police brutality were a mix of chaotic violence and peaceful demonstrations.

+ Ironically, little about this moment can be viewed in simple black and white terms. For some help making sense of it all, here’s my friend (and the former US Data Chief who worked for years in this area), DJ Patil. Rage, fear, and confusion.