“It’s a sign of how Covid-19 has taken us back in time. Televisions had killed stoop culture. Those little stages for gossip, flirting and catching up went quiet as people retreated to the living room after work. Then phones killed the living room TV time and homes got quiet, too, each family member retreating to a bedroom or a far end of the sofa.” Nellie Bowles in the NYT: In Lockdown, a Neighborhood Opens Up.

+ For years, Pop-Up Magazine has traveled the country with writers, comedians, filmmakers, audio producers, and photographers. This time, we’re bringing the show to you. A rare pandemic positive: You get to see a Pop-Up Magazine show.

+ Half Moon Bay couple provides sense of belonging for kids, horses through Square Peg Foundation. (Great people, friends of mine, proud to be a longtime supporter!)

+ And, a perfect closing for this edition: Colin Kaepernick will help provide legal assistance for Minneapolis protesters after death of George Floyd.