Everything else aside (and there’s a lot), politically, the Minneapolis protests are Trump’s dream come true. As the protests spun out of control, Trump tweeted, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Those words were borrowed from Miami’s police chief, Walter Headley, who ordered a crackdown on “slum hoodlums” in 1967 (back when, according to Trumpian lore, America was great). Trump’s tweet, labeled by Twitter as “glorifying violence” was sick, reckless, and carried the racial undertones that have provided the soundtrack for America’s longest running storyline. And that’s the point. This, not the economy, and certainly not Covid, is the fight Trump wants: An electoral race about race. Even OJ can see that the knee to the neck was murder. But that’s not what this is about. It’s about opening a new front—and with demographics shifting, what some see as a last front—in America’s forever war. Remember, this is a guy who ran on Birtherism and walls, and has led with Muslim bans, kids in cages, very fine people on both sides, shithole countries, and political enemies described as human scum. When the looting starts, the shooting starts is the brand he ran on and won on in 2016. And as a bonus for Trump, there’s this: Police Arrest Black CNN Correspondent While Live on Air Covering Minneapolis Protests. One of the many ironies in all this is that Trump’s been looting America and burning down its institutions every day for three and a half years. NYT: Trump’s Looting Remarks Escalate Growing Crisis in Minneapolis. (For me, when it comes to the president’s Twitter feed, when the looting starts and the shooting starts, the muting starts.)

+ The Mayor: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey: “Trump knows nothing of Minneapolis.” (That factor never stopped him, or anyone else, from tweeting about a subject.)

+ The Photos: Fire and Protests in the Twin Cities.

+ The Backstory: From The Marshall Project: Before George Floyd’s Death, Minneapolis Police Failed to Adopt Reforms, Remove Bad Officers.

+ The Spread: George Floyd’s death set off uprisings across the country. And, 7 Shot At Louisville Protest Calling For Justice For Breonna Taylor.

+ The Reaction: Police leaders are outraged by the killing of George Floyd. Vice: Police Chiefs Around the Country Are Breaking the Blue Wall of Silence for George Floyd. From Florida Congresswoman Val Demmings: “As a former woman in blue, let me begin with my brothers and sisters in blue: What in the hell are you doing?”

+ The Arrest: Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer seen kneeling on the neck of George Floyd before his death, has been arrested. Here’s the latest from NBC.