Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has called for police officers to be arrested after the knee to the neck killing of George Floyd. He’s also calling for calm as protests in the area have gotten serious. “Please, please, Minneapolis. We cannot let tragedy beget more tragedy.” Star Tribune: As Mayor Frey calls for officer’s arrest, violence intensifies in Minneapolis.

+ “I read somewhere that you’re never gonna care until it hits your front door. We are here now, knocking in the front door.” Deadly Chaos Erupts in Minneapolis as Fires Rage Over Police Violence.

+ “The video of Floyd’s death is horrific but not surprising; terrible but not unusual, depicting a kind of incident that is periodically reenacted in the United States. It’s both necessary and, at this point, pedestrian to observe that policing in this country is mediated by race.” Jelani Cobb in The New Yorker: The Death of George Floyd, in Context.