Feel Good Monday

“Yesterday, May 24, for the first time Lombardy, the most hit region in Italy by coronavirus, has registered zero deaths. Hospitals around the region, which since the beginning of the emergency have sent daily reports to the local administration, have not submitted any news of new casualties.”

+ Cuba credits two drugs with slashing coronavirus death toll.

+ “I wrote to them originally to process my fears and anxieties during this time. In the end, the respondents helped me remember the clarifying thing about this pandemic — that we’re all part of one community of humans.” What I Learned From Writing Letters To Strangers Across America. (Hey, I write a letter to strangers every day…)

+ Yesterday, we celebrated Jacinda Ardern. While we were doing that, she was remaining San Francisco chill during an earthquake.

+ Huge owl hatches chicks outside man’s window — now the brood watches TV with him. (They’re gonna love the Tootsie Pop ad when it comes on…)

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