There will be plenty of books written on, courses taught about, and Frontline episodes covering the leaders who got the pandemic wrong. But it’s just as important—both for lessons learned and our sanity—to focus on leaders who got it right. Which brings us, once again, to New Zealand (at this point, many around the world would settle for a slightly used Zealand) and a leader worth Ardern. Yes, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand has been held out as an example before, but Ja Rules, and it’s worth revisiting the topic to get to the bottom of why, for Christchurch’s sake, more countries can’t have leaders who live up to the ideals of Kiwi the people. Damien Cave in the NYT: Jacinda Ardern Sold a Drastic Lockdown With Straight Talk and Mom Jokes. “Ms. Ardern started doing weekly updates, often from home, mixing comments about nap time with details about poverty or transportation legislation. With each update, she got better at boiling down government into a conversation you might hear over dinner.” (And, in my house, we don’t allow all-caps at the table.)