Plans for the Weekend will depend on where you are in the country or the world. “Trump visited one of his private golf clubs for the first time during pandemic — the Trump National Golf Club in northern Virginia … Overseas, there was mixed news. New coronavirus cases in China fell to zero on Saturday for the first time since the start of the outbreak but surged in India and overwhelmed hospitals across Latin America.”

+ The big decision for many will be whether or not to attend religious services. Trump is pushing states to allow churches to open. But with close quarters, singing, and hours indoors with the same group of people, it’s no wonder that churches have already been superspreader hotspots. (If someone had told me a decade ago that Donald Trump would be the loudest voice calling for people to attend Church on Sundays, I would have tried to walk across a swimming pool.)

+ For a variety of reasons, I can’t wait until this isolation period is over. I’m guessing almost everyone feels the same. But almost everyone also favors social distancing until things are safe. Which brings us to David Graham’s question: Why Are the States Reopening? Especially the 24 states where they still have uncontrolled coronavirus spread?