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+ What to Watch: My wife and I have been loving Normal People on Hulu. It’s really well done and provides a nice escape from pandemic news. Though, as some have noted, it could also be titled, We Have More Sex Than Normal People.

+ What to Read: “Many of the girls had developed both a fear and an attraction to the fact that Maria flouted the rules and practiced the dark arts. And Maria was herself incensed by the decision. Why should she have to go if other girls had played with the Ouija, too? Sister Cheong stood her ground. The nascent witch was to be expelled, sent home as soon as arrangements could be made. But the girl refused to depart without leaving a lasting impression … Maybe it was an accident. Maybe not. Either way, the door sliced off a piece of Maria’s finger, spraying blood in the stairway and in the hall as Maria was taken away.” Daniel Hernandez is entertaining and informative in the always awesome Epic Mag: The Haunting of Girlstown.