“On Thursday, the CDC updated its summary of COVID-19 transmission to clarify that the virus ‘does not spread easily’ from touching surfaces or objects—like, say, elevator buttons. Instead, they wrote, the virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person … through respiratory droplets.'” The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson takes the latest data we have on Covid and applies it to the biggest question we have right now. How do we Covid-proof our offices, restaurants, and other public venues, and ultimately reduce the sort of interactions that can lead to more infections? But first, “a brief word of humility … Think of these studies not as gospels, but as clues in a gradually unraveling mystery.” (I think that’s the first time my lead has included a word of humility. The pandemic is forcing us all to change our behaviors in unexpected ways…)

+ The office you return to won’t be quite the same as the one you left. James Temple in MIT Tech Review: “Many reopening businesses will be asking workers to take coronavirus tests, report symptoms, don masks, wear dongles, and work under the gaze of new sensors and cameras. In other words, prepare to be tracked.” (After having my beagles follow me around the house for a few months, to dangle a dongle seems doable.)

+ One part of office life will be remarkably normal. The biggest fights will be over the temperature. NY Mag: That Office AC System Is Great — at Recirculating Viruses.

+ And the most treacherous part of working at an office will hold onto its perch. How safe is it to use public bathrooms right now? (I held it from Kindergarten to 7th grade. I can do it again.)

+ One thing is for sure. Wherever you go, you should be wearing a mask. So you might as well look good and make a statement. By popular demand: The NextDraft Masks Have Arrived.