“With plans for safely revving up production underway in Hollywood, the industry is looking at creative ways to make sure sets are sanitary in the age of COVID-19. One newly emerging strategy might have people wondering whether the pandemic is turning Hollywood into one of the sci-fi films it churns out: ‘germ-zapping robots.'”

+ NYC seniors find lighter side of pandemic in comedy class. (Seems like White House correspondents have adopted the same strategy…)

+ These photos show creative ways people are celebrating graduation during the coronavirus pandemic. (My son wants to spend his graduation day alone in his room playing on his computer. Genes are an amazing thing…)

+ Graduate Student Solves Decades-Old Conway Knot Problem.

+ Mount Everest is Visible from Kathmandu, for first time in living memory.

+ Designer turns into Bane with a robotic face mask that auto-closes when it senses people.

+ Mayor lies in a coffin and pretends to be a coronavirus victim to avoid arrest after breaking curfew rules to go drinking. (It could’ve been worse. He could have taken hydroxychloroquine…)