“Single people are moving in together. I’ve heard of parents hiring quarantine au pairs to help out with kids who can’t go to camp or school. I know one family, long since decamped to a vacation home, that’s letting a colleague from a crowded group house move into its now-vacant primary residence. Me? I’ve formed a pod.” Slate: I Have a Quarantine Bubble With People Outside My House. You Should Too. (I’ve created a quarantine bubble inside my house.)

+ Time: Is There Any Safe Way to Socialize During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

+ “She also bought T-shirts that said ‘Covid Survivor,’ anticipating that some of the neighbors on her cul-de-sac in Cape May Court House might have some lingering discomfort. Ms. Martucci soon learned that she had drastically underestimated the anxiety she and her son, Marcus, would encounter. Even now, a month into their recovery, some neighbors see them and run.” They Beat the Virus. Now They Feel Like Outcasts.