David Deno, CEO of Outback Steakhouse’s parent company: “I don’t mean to wish ill on anybody, but there’s going to be real estate opportunities … better visibility, better access and better parking.” David Gibbs, Yum CEO: “Brands that are doing well in this environment should have an opportunity to expand their footprint … There’s no reason to think that this brand… is not going to be a growth business long term. And unit development is a big part of that.” What are these CEOs talking about? The advantage of being big during the pandemic. Many smaller players won’t survive, and that will leave a lot of prime real estate available to the megacorpss. Reuters: As coronavirus crushes small restaurants, big chains see room to move in. “It was a trend going 30 miles an hour, now accelerated to 100 miles an hour. It’s corporate Darwinism on steroids.” (It will also likely lead to your gastrointestinal issues going 100 miles per hour.)

+ This trend will not be limited to food. It will be across the board. NPR: Walmart Hires Almost A Quarter-Million Workers As Sales Soar.