“Mao Yin was snatched aged two, while his father stopped to get him some water on the way home from nursery. His parents searched the country for him and his mother distributed more than 100,000 flyers.” It took 32 years, but they’ve been reunited.

+ “While some people may simply be enjoying the freedom to stay naked all day in the privacy of their homes, many new nudists are making it official, with a British nudist organization reporting a 100 percent increase in new members amid the pandemic.” More People Are Going Nude During Lockdown. (Don’t look at me. I shower in jeans.)

+ After coronavirus cancels their prom, their community brings the prom to them.

+ New Hampshire high school plans ski lift graduation. (If properly dismounting from a chairlift was a requirement for graduation, both me and NextDraft’s trusted proofer RD would still be in high school…)

+ A Very Short (very cool) Guide to Union Glacier Camp in Antarctica.

+ 25-Year Veteran Police Officer Lauded For 2 Saves In 1 Day.