Ed Jackson, a quadriplegic former rugby player, wanted another challenge to conquer, so he attempted to climb Mount Everest on his stairs.

+ “Right away we wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the escalating pandemic, but we took a cautious approach. The first rule of an emergency is to stay out of the way of professionals. We did a lot of research to make sure we were adding value before jumping in. We wanted to maximize our impact with the tools we had in front of us. We landed on two projects — two different avenues of mask production.” How Patagonia Transformed Its Advanced R&D Center Into a Face Mask Factory, Almost Overnight.

+ “The vaccine appeared to protect the animals against developing pneumonia.” Coronavirus vaccine: Macaque monkey trial offers hope.

+ NYT: A 92-Year-Old Piano Teacher Won’t Let Students Miss Bach in the Pandemic.

+ Hug glove lets family members safely embrace grandma.