Shadow Trancing

“The power of the internet was understood early on, but the full nature of that power—its ability to shatter any semblance of shared reality, undermining civil society and democratic governance in the process—was not. The internet also enabled unknown individuals to reach masses of people, at a scale Marshall McLuhan never dreamed of. The warping of shared reality leads a man with an AR-15 rifle to invade a pizza shop. It brings online forums into being where people colorfully imagine the assassination of a former secretary of state. It offers the promise of a Great Awakening, in which the elites will be routed and the truth will be revealed. It causes chat sites to come alive with commentary speculating that the coronavirus pandemic may be the moment QAnon has been waiting for. None of this could have been imagined as recently as the turn of the century.” The Atlantic’s Adrienne LaFrance: QAnon is a harbinger of a world where reality doesn’t matter. This very interesting article is part of a collection on conspiracy theories: Welcome to Shadowland.

+ NYT: Get Ready for a Vaccine Information War. (The best way to get ready is to take the vaccine.)

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