Unmasked Crusader

“Science is no match for tribalism in this dysfunctional country. Truth is whatever validates your prejudices, feeds your sense of grievance and fuels your antipathy toward the people you’ve decided are on some other side. And protective masks, God help us, are tribal totems. With soul-crushing inevitably, these common-sense precautions morphed into controversial declarations of identity. What’s next? Band-Aids?” Frank Bruni in the NYT: The simple accessory of a mask tells the story of a presidency and a pandemic. (Who would have guessed that masks would reveal the true face of an administration?)

+ Fighting the virus? Meh. Let’s fight imaginary criminals. “The list of purported culprits Trump has charged include two television news hosts, a comedian, at least five former officials from the FBI and Justice Department, the state of California, a broadcast television station and at least five top national security officials.” Toluse Olorunnipa in WaPo: As coronavirus roils the nation, Trump reverts to tactic of accusing foes of felonies.

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