Feel Good Wednesday

“Garfield, 54, was patient zero at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California, about 10 miles north of Los Angeles. He had a 1% chance of survival. And he beat the odds, leaving the hospital on Friday.”

+ This Guy Got Hit By Lightning and Became a Concert Pianist. (Why does no one get hit by lightning and become a vaccine creator?)

+ “The appetite for coronavirus stats has grown so big globally that traffic to Worldometer, a statistics website run by a group of international developers, surpassed 1 billion visits in April, in line with major platforms like Reddit and ahead of LinkedIn.”

+ GQ: The Best Quarantine Socks, According to a Guy Who Wrote an Entire Book on Socks. (I saw this headline and was immediately disgusted by the trite consumerism it represents. And then I ordered three of the recommended socks.)

+ Bobcats are good jumpers.

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